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Activities This Week 10/5/2020- 10/11/2020

AWANA on Zoom (Oct. 9, Friday, 7-7:45 PM)

Thank you, Commander Bonnie and Nancy, for keeping us on track via email & FB. Yes, good job parents in helping your kids memorize God's Word!!! Hope to see you and your kids this Friday on zoom!

J12 on Zoom (Oct. 9, Friday, 7:30-8:30 PM)

Uncle Sam L. will come to speak to us on "Discovering Your Purpose 2- Belong" this Friday. Hope to see our kids again on zoom!

Gen. Z - Parent S.S. Classes

Praise the Lord that we had two blessed times of learning and sharing in the past two Sundays! Our last class will come on Oct. 11, 9:30 - 10:30 am or 10:45 - 11:45 am.

You can register here:


For 2020-2021, we will walk thru the Bible by using a new series, "The Year Long Bible Journey". Auntie Ruby will speak on "OK/Bad/Good?!?". Scriptures:

2 Kings 15:1-7 – Azariah (also known as Uzziah – an OK king)

2 Kings 16 – Ahaz (a bad king)

2 Kings 18:1-8 – Hezekiah (a good king)

ECM’s Zoom Service (Oct. 18, 11:15-11:45 AM)

It's specifically for age 3 & 4/5 n parents. It's a family service!!! More details will be sent out next week.

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