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Activities This Week 4/5/2021 - 4/11/2021

NO AWANA This Friday, Apr. 9

As we had the Easter Drive-thru with AWANA's store time last Saturday, we would take a break this Friday.

J12 on zoom (Apr. 9, Friday, 7:30-8:45 PM)

Auntie Ruby will speak on "Devotion" this Friday. Hope to see you with your J12 T-shirt on!

CWS (Apr. 11, Sunday)

Minister Martin will speak on "John - Restoration Was Done". Scriptures: John 21:15-19, Jesus Restores Peter

VBS (June 7-11, Mon. to Fri., 7-9 pm)

Theme: Rocky Railway by Group! It will be both in-person and virtual this year! Please save the date and stay tuned! If anyone is interested to help, please sign up at

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