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Activities This Week 7/27/2020- 8/2/2020

AWANA Registration Starts on 7/28

Our Kick-off date will be 8/28. Please go to for more information. 

Summer Children Sunday School Class on Missions (on Zoom) 

For the class on 8/2, we will be making cards for two missionary families, Tang's and Chang's, led by Auntie Irene C. & Auntie Paula C.! Please prepare your own materials for making cards (e.g. colored paper, colored markers, stickers, etc.). 


Auntie Ruby will be teaching a new lesson on "Minecraft".

Scriptures: Matthew 7:24-27, The Wise and Foolish Builders.

Card & DIY Mask/Headband Ministry for Our Kids  

1. Make a request for a DIY mask/headband to Auntie Ruby.

2. Make a card with a meaningful Bible verse (like John 3:16) and/or a prayer for the recipient.

3. Pass it to someone they want to share Jesus' love with, like an elderly relative or neighbor, a non-Christian classmate or friend, an auntie/uncle who works on the frontline, etc.

4. Take a picture of yourself with your hand-made card and DIY mask holding and email it to Ruby before you pass them out.

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