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Activities This Week 8/17/2020- 8/23/2020

Children Sunday School Class - Promotion Day on Zoom (August 23, Sunday)

Meet, greet, and games to welcome new students from K to 6th grade. Zoom opens at 9:20 AM. We will have a big group time before breaking out into 3 classes for games and sharing. 

AWANA Drive-by Pick Up (August 23, Sunday, 2-3 pm)

For those who registered for a new school year of AWANA, we hope to see your family then. Let's observe all safety guidelines to keep each safe!


For 2020-2021, we will walk thru the Bible by using a new series, "The Year Long Bible Journey". Auntie Ruby will speak on "Promise Keeper".

Scriptures: Genesis 17:1-9, 15-19. God Makes a Covenant with Abraham

Card & DIY Mask/Headband Ministry for Our Kids  

1. Make a request for a DIY mask/headband to Auntie Ruby.

2. Make a card with a meaningful Bible verse (like John 3:16) and/or a prayer for the recipient.

3. Pass it to someone they want to share Jesus' love with, like an elderly relative or neighbor, a non-Christian classmate or friend, an auntie/uncle who works on the front line, etc.

4. Take a picture of yourself with your hand-made card and DIY mask holding and email it to Ruby before you pass them out.

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