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Updates (1/10/2022)

AWANA (1/14, Friday, 7:30-9:15 PM)

Start at the Main Sanctuary. More details via email.

J12 (1/14, Friday, 7:30-9:15 PM, Fellowship Hall)

Auntie Ruby will speak on "How the Bible is Structured?". Hope to see your kids wear our new J12 T-shirt to join us.

Children Sunday School Classes are BACK at the church! NO MORE ZOOM CLASS!

We will have 5 in-person classes for Preschoolers, K, G.1-2, G.3-4, and G.5-6 kids at church. Come join us to study God's Word!

CWS (10:45-11:45 AM) in Fellowship Hall

We will split into two groups after worship time, i.e. K-3rd grade in C101 by Auntie Ruby and 4-6th grader in Fellowship Hall by Pastor Mike.

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