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Updates (2/28/2022)

KidLead (Mar. 4, Friday, 7:30-9:30 PM at Fellowship Hall)

We will have our 7th KidLead Meeting on RESPONSIBLE - VALUES - Part 1!

2022 - Continue with the Purpose Driven Life Campaign Reading

New bible reading challenges for 2022.

Children Sunday School Classes are fully back IN PERSON!

We will have 5 in-person classes for Preschoolers, K, G.1-2, G.3-4, and G.5-6 (Bible Drill now) kids at church. Come join us to study God's Word!

CWS (10:45-11:45 AM) in Fellowship Hall

Yes, our new series on the book of Genesis officially started last Sunday. As usual, our kids will have combined worship first and then split into two groups for message and activity, i.e. K-3rd grade in C101 by Auntie Ruby and 4-6th grader in Fellowship Hall by Pastor Mike.

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